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The Communist Party of Indiana CPUSA struggles for socialism: to better the lives of Indiana's working families, to protect and extend labor's ability to organize, for the needs of women, children, immigrants (documented and undocumented), the disabled, LGBT, and all people who strive for affordable quality health care, housing, and education. We stand against racism in all its forms. We stand for jobs for all. We stand for peace. We support all who struggle world wide for the dignity and self-determination of the majority of their nation's people and against imperialism, occupation, and exploitation for private profit.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Opening of the International Conference of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

Today marks the opening of the International Conference of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. This event was organized by the World Federation of Trade Unionists and the General Union of Palestinian Workers.

The Palestinians have been subject to occupation and genocidal attack for over 75 years now, with the continued support of the United States for the atrocities carried out against these people.

The Communist Party of Indiana CPUSA stands with the people of Palestine and demands an end to the attacks by the Israeli state and by individuals against Palestinians, an end to all seizure of Palestinian lands, and recognition of the dignity of the Palestinian people everywhere including peace, self-determination, restoration of lands, and the right of return.

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