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The Communist Party of Indiana CPUSA struggles for socialism: to better the lives of Indiana's working families, to protect and extend labor's ability to organize, for the needs of women, children, immigrants (documented and undocumented), the disabled, LGBT, and all people who strive for affordable quality health care, housing, and education. We stand against racism in all its forms. We stand for jobs for all. We stand for peace. We support all who struggle world wide for the dignity and self-determination of the majority of their nation's people and against imperialism, occupation, and exploitation for private profit.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

WPC denounces the murderous Israeli attack against Palestinians in the Gaza


From: World Peace Council, Saturday, December 27, 2008



WPC denounces the murderous Israeli attack against Palestinians in the Gaza

The World Peace Council denounces to the international community the today's murderous military attack of Israel againt Palestine in the Gaza Strip,during which more than 200 Plaestinians lost their lives. This criminal air strike against innocent civilians, against the same Palestinians who are now for weeks under the Israeli siege and blockade, is one more proof for the inhuman and brutal regime of Israel.The war drive policy of Israel is killing the Palestinians in a slowly genocide, fully supported and endorsed by the powerful imperialist forces in the USA and the EU.

The WPC calls upon all peace loving forces in the world to express their protest and condemnation against the Israeli regime, against the injustice which is lasting already 60 years against the Palestinian people.

The WPC underlines the moment of the Israeli aggression, only few weeks before the Parliament elections in Israel, which shows once more the immoral character of the regime which does not hesitate to use hundreds of dead Palestinians for the internal electoral campaign.

The WPC reaffirms its support to the PLO, as the legitimate representative of the Palestinian people to whom we express our firm solidarity and call for unity and resistance against the aggressions. The only just and viable solution can come with the establishment of an independent State of Palestine within the borders of 1967 with East Jerusalem as its capital.

The injustice against Palestine will not last for ever!

Free and Independent Palestine!

The Secretariat of WPC Saturday 27th December 2008

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