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The Communist Party of Indiana CPUSA struggles for socialism: to better the lives of Indiana's working families, to protect and extend labor's ability to organize, for the needs of women, children, immigrants (documented and undocumented), the disabled, LGBT, and all people who strive for affordable quality health care, housing, and education. We stand against racism in all its forms. We stand for jobs for all. We stand for peace. We support all who struggle world wide for the dignity and self-determination of the majority of their nation's people and against imperialism, occupation, and exploitation for private profit.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

AFL-CIO - Acuff Cuts Through the Spin About Employee Free Choice

Our own Stewart Acuff delivered quite a shock to Fox News last week. Despite the network and corporate spin, Acuff told talk show host Neal Cavuto the Employee Free Choice Act does not eliminate or make illegal the secret ballot election when workers want to form a union. After parroting the party line for so long, that seemed to come as shock to Cavuto.


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Acuff Cuts Through the Spin About Employee Free Choice



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